Florida’s best companies

Perhaps best known for its sunny weather and beaches, Florida is an economic powerhouse. It is located in the far south of United States just above the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is known as a state with the longest coastline that goes over 2000 kilometers. Here you will find many successful companies and business opportunities that extend to almost every modern industry. Let’s explore some of these great companies that contributed to the rise of Florida and its cities like Jacksonville, Orland and Miami.

Rising economy

Florida started to truly experience development in the early 20th century. This is the time many new industries brought their capital to the state. These businesses were dealing with tourism, construction, banking, aerospace, commerce and many more. Most prosperity was brought by exporting goods to United States and other countries. It has become one of the largest exporter of goods in its homeland that consist of financial services, manufacturing, trade and transportation utilities. This has developed the infrastructure to host some of the most promising companies within its borders. Florida – tech companies have started to rise up as many new companies are presenting technology solutions for the wider market.

Most known companies in Florida

There are quite a lot of world-famous companies residing here. Some of these are even on the Fortune 500 list of the most successful businesses in the world. One of them is Walmart, a known retail store-chain that can be found in many places of the world.

Florida has made itself one of the top states for technological innovation. Florida – tech companies like Tech Data is driving forward new ideas and innovation in IT industry. Tech Data mainly specializes in distributing hardware and software worldwide from known brands like Apple, Cisco, Microsoft and many others.

When we talk about Florida – tech companies we must mention Jabil. It deals with global manufacturing of appliances for circuit boards, and also with development of specific hardware for home and company use. They help many famous brands like Cisco design their products while at the same time offering transport and logistics for their customers.

Previously we mentioned that Florida is a pretty hot stat, right? Well Watsco is a company that has been supplying cooling solutions to the entire United States for over 30 years. The company has grown to become the largest supplier of air conditions, refrigerators and even heating solutions in the country.
Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without the use of proper software. Citrix Systems is one of the companies that provide digital solutions in the form of an app. The company specialized for in-door use by small and big businesses to allow their employees to have easier access to documents and information. This makes collaboration easier and also increases productivity in any team-effort environment.

Great for startups

We all hear about Silicon Valley most of the time when it comes to startups. It seems that in Florida the climate for startups is finally beginning to change and is attracting investors. The state has a friendly eco-system for anybody looking to start a new business, and this has lead to many new companies popping up in the last years. Here, you have all types of different startups ranging from software development to industrial-specific product manufacturing.

Final thoughts

When coming to the state of Florida, whatever your reason is, you can find plenty to do. There are always many opportunities to mingle in the business world. Whether you are looking for employment or to conduct business, you will surely find something for yourself when visiting this wonderful state in the far south of United States.