Companies in Miami

When you think of Miami, it’s not uncommon to think of beautiful weather, beaches and palm trees, but in reality, the city has so much more to offer. Since a few years ago, Miami is becoming one of the most popular destinations for new tech companies.

One could say that the city became a technology metropolis. It has always been known for its strong business connections with the rest of the world.

Miami is known as the “Alpha minus world city”, meaning that its role in the in the international economic scene is very strong.

Because Miami is so close to Latin America, it serves at a gateway to Latin America for over a thousand different corporations like Visa International, Disney, Cisco and AT&T.

The ever increasing investing in tech companies in Miami led to the rise of many big businesses in Miami. Here you will find the legendary gaming hardware and software developer Alienware, business and home antivirus provider Symantec, and other famous tech companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and Oracle.